fuck bitches get pickles

\im pretty good at ping pong. thats about it.




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Anonymous asked: I got your Kik, but I'm scared to send a message >~<

do it, but, be over 18, so i don’t feel like a creep

Anonymous asked: You're such a babe

So are you :)

Anonymous asked: Do you have a snapchat or just kik?

my snapchat is davex0rr

Somebody add me on kik, its z0rr, could go for a chat, super bored

wow is down

Anonymous asked: is this you or is it fake? like im friends with them but yh is it you ?? on fb 'Dave Jeremy Brown'

he is a fake, just looked at his profile, the cover photo isn’t even me, and all the photos are from completely different periods of timeĀ 

Check them out!