fuck bitches get pickles

\im pretty good at ping pong. thats about it.




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anybody know how to get a WoD Beta key?

Anonymous said: omg , you are so perfect for me . if I lived in Australia, I would strive to conquer you =3

Conquer me? heh i sound like a raid boss

Anonymous said: no freaking way you're 15 turning 16! you look at least 18! and on you ig you look 18. I dun believe u sozzz

yeah im not really 15 thats a total lie 

Anonymous said: Describe your perfect girl?

Obese, terrible sense of humour, smells like dicks and enjoys punching me in the face

Just quickly putting this out there, if you think its okay to go through your boyfriend/girlfriends phone you’re wrong 

Check them out!